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Ethnicraft Dining Collection

The Collection

In a world where trends change from one day to the next, we love how Ethnicraft creates timeless collections which are full of character. For twenty-five years, Ethnicraft has been creating furniture from solid wood. The simplicity of their designs work well with different styles and help to define a space. The strength of the materials age well so the furniture can go with you from one home to the next.

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Ethnicraft Dining Table & Chair

  • Bok Dining Chair - Valley Variety
    Bok Dining Chair - Valley Variety

    Bok Dining Chair

    from $879.00

    The curving lines of the Bok dining chair combine a modern mid-century look and contemporary furniture construction into an elegant and airy form. ...

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  • Bok Dining Table - Valley Variety
    Bok Dining Table - Valley Variety

    Bok Dining Table

    from $1,719.00

    The airy character of the Bok dining table hides its solid construction. The design is simple with complex details that make the table timeless and...

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  • DC Dining Chair - Valley Variety
    DC Dining Chair - Valley Variety

    DC Dining Chair

    from $479.00

    The minimalist design of the DC Dining Chair delivers maximum comfort. The airy and angular silhouette of the metal frame along with the thick foam...

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  • Mikado Dining Table - Valley Variety
    Mikado Dining Table - Valley Variety

    Mikado Dining Table

    from $3,929.00

    Mikado is the result of a quest to find balance between functionality and stability. The inward flowing legs, interlock like a puzzle —combining a ...

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  • Osso Stool - Valley Variety
    Osso Stool - Valley Variety

    Osso Stool

    from $509.00

    Admired for its elegant shape, sturdiness and versatility. The curves and rounded edges provide hints of Asian design influences. Available in thr...

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  • Slice Dining Table - Valley Variety
    Slice Dining Table - Valley Variety

    Slice Dining Table

    from $1,929.00

    The Slice table demonstrates how simple does not mean lack of sophistication. The subtle corner detail and bevel edge are unique features that elev...

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  • Spindle Bench - Valley Variety
    Spindle Bench - Valley Variety

    Spindle Bench

    from $1,159.00

    The Spindle Bench found its inspiration in traditional spinning wheels, incorporating the perfectly aligned spokes into the Spindle Bench seat back...

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  • Torsion Table - Valley Variety
    Torsion Table - Valley Variety

    Torsion Table

    from $1,539.00

    The airy and elegant presence of Ethnicraft's Torsion table is elevated by its unique spiral center pedestal base. Using advanced woodworking techn...

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