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Triangle Tug Toy

Color: Green
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The Triangle Tug from WILD ONE is a durable and safe interactive tug-of-war dog toy that’s ready to help you connect with your best friend. Have some fun with that wild little puppy, your adult dog that wants some playtime or your senior dog that simply needs some exercise. Whether you’re a multi dog household or it’s just you on the other end, the Triangle Tug will get everyone active and entertained.                 

Available in two sizes to keep both big pups and little ones happy! 
Standard: Triangle 6.5” | Rope 6.5” diameter
Small: Triangle 5” | Rope 4.75” diameter                                    

- Natural Rubber and Natural Cotton
BPA and Phthalate free

WILD ONE is a New York based company helping pets and people connect through thoughtful and playful design. Offering a full line of pet essentials, WILD ONE is ready to make your pet’s life and yours easier and happier.

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