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  • All Day Yoyo - Valley Variety
    All Day Yoyo - Valley Variety

    All Day Yoyo


    The simplest toys are the ones we remember and the All Day Yoyo from Areaware is a classic. Colorful, playful and fun—you can teach your Yoyo new t...

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  • Assembly Throw - Valley Variety
    Assembly Throw - Valley Variety

    Assembly Throw


    Soft and colorful with just enough weight to make it cozy, the Assembly Throw from Areaware is a made using a 100% cotton weave. Perfect on the sof...

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  • Blockitecture - Valley Variety
    Blockitecture - Valley Variety


    from $30.00

    Blockitecture was created by James Paulius for an industry projects class at Rochester Institute of Technology. Each set is inspired by actual desi...

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  • Hovers Trains - Valley Variety
    Hovers Trains - Valley Variety

    Hovers Trains


    Kids (and some adults) love trains. And these trains—designed by Floris Hovers—will be no exception. The minimalist shapes and bright colors offer...

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  • Lesson Break Puzzle - Valley Variety
    Lesson Break Puzzle - Valley Variety

    Lesson Break Puzzle


    The Lesson Break Puzzle is based on the paintings of artist Andy Rementer. The imagery is friendly, playful and colorful enough for kids yet chall...

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  • Palimals - Valley Variety
    Palimals - Valley Variety


    4 colors available

    Whatever the age we all love our toys—and Palimals from Areaware are a colorful collection of beautifully crafted small wooden animals. The embedde...

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  • Pattern Bin (River) - Valley Variety
    Pattern Bin (River) - Valley Variety

    Pattern Bin (River)


    If anyone thinks a trash bin can’t be fun, they haven’t seen the Pattern Bin from Areaware. The bin’s signature River Pattern is from Brooklyn base...

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  • Poppy Candle & Incense Holder - Valley Variety
    Poppy Candle & Incense Holder - Valley Variety

    Poppy Candle & Incense Holder

    2 colors available

    Floral shaped, colorful and Pop inspired, the Poppy Candle & Incense Holder from AREAWARE is a unique two-in-one holder for illumination and sc...

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  • Spinning Tops - Valley Variety
    Spinning Tops - Valley Variety

    Spinning Tops


    This set of five Spinning Tops from toymaker and furniture designer Pat Kim brings some old school fun into the now. Playful and eye-catching, the ...

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  • Splat Side Table - Valley Variety
    Splat Side Table - Valley Variety

    Splat Side Table


    Add a lively SPLAT of color to any room in your home. Designed and created by Brooklynite Sophie Collé for AREAWARE, the SPLAT Side Table is as fun...

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  • Stack Puzzle - Valley Variety
    Stack Puzzle - Valley Variety

    Stack Puzzle


    The Pattern Puzzle from Dusen Dusen takes it cue from the bold shifting shapes of modern textile design. Free form, free floating and naïvely abstr...

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  • Stacking Planter - Valley Variety
    Stacking Planter - Valley Variety

    Stacking Planter


    The Stacking Planter from Areaware is a modern and stylish way to integrate plants into your space. The simple circular form is a design friendly a...

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  • Tango Watering Can - Valley Variety
    Tango Watering Can - Valley Variety

    Tango Watering Can


    The Tango Watering Can from Areaware puts out friendly and playful vibes whether it’s sitting on the counter or windowsill or simply doing its job ...

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