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Under $50

  • Cloudnola

    Flor Desk Clock

    2 colors available

    The Flor Desk Clock with alarm from Cloudnola is perfect for the countertop, bookshelf, nightstand or desk. The contemporary design is wood crafted...

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  • Food Huggers

    Food Huggers (set of 5)

    2 colors available

    Everyone loves a hug and so does a half tomato, a cut lemon, a container of mixed nuts or anything you want to keep fresh and tasty for tomorrow, ...

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  • LSA International Inc

    Gio Tumbler

    from $5.50

    Utility and aesthetics are what you'll enjoy with these versatile glasses. You'll grab the Gio tumbler for your morning juice, water throughout the...

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  • Chive


    3 colors available

    Give these modern, sleek, jovial and colorful gnomes a spot in your holiday decor.  2.5" x 2" x 8.5" ceramic indoor/outdoor

  • Sold out
    Random House



    110 vegetarian spring and summer recipes that provide nourishing and simple plant-based suppers while paying homage to the warm seasons—from th...

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  • Polkadog

    Henny Penny


    Like unexpected raindrops from the sky, Polkadog’s Henny Penny dehydrated chicken dog treats are our happy little discovery. Crunchy and tasty, wit...

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  • Greentree Home

    Henry Bottle Candle Collection

    from $24.00
    3 colors available

    The Henry Bottle candle collection from Greentree Home is the prefect example of form following function. Cast from 100% pure beeswax, each candle ...

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  • Random House

    High Tea


    It's legal and regal--time to make some classy baked goods that can get you baked. Because everyone loves sugar, and (nearly) everyone loves cannab...

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  • theory11

    Hudson Playing Cards

    2 colors available

    A design inspired by the historic Hudson Playing Card factory located on the banks of the Hudson River in New York CIty. Operating 1856-1871, this ...

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  • W&P Design

    Ice Cube Tray


    Larger cubes melt slower! It’s a slogan that belongs on a T-shirt and it’s the truth. Keep your drink colder, longer with Extra Large cubes from th...

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  • Chive

    Inkwell Bud Vase

    6 colors available

    The Inkwell bud vase from CHIVE offers a simple yet striking, modern twist on the traditional inkwell design. Fully glazed and available in a varie...

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  • Random House

    Made For Living


    The trendsetting designer known for her effortless style shares the secrets of the art of layering, with more than 250 gorgeous photographs of ...

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