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  • French Laundry Stick - Valley Variety
    Christophe Pourny

    French Laundry Stick


    Treat hundreds of stains with this long lasting solid stick. Great for removing coffee, blood, grass, food among others stains on all fabrics. Appl...

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  • Dryer Balls - Valley Variety
    Dryer Balls - Valley Variety
    Common Good

    Dryer Balls


    Are you looking for a way to get soft, static-free clothes, towels and linens without using fabric softener and dryer sheets that threaten your hea...

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  • Teak Tonic, 8oz - Valley Variety
    Teak Tonic, 8oz - Valley Variety
    Christophe Pourny

    Teak Tonic, 8oz


    Prevents aging. Revitalizes aged finish. It's not a miracle formulation for facial care routine but it is an ideal solution for treating your Teak...

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  • Color Reviver - Valley Variety
    Color Reviver - Valley Variety
    Christophe Pourny

    Color Reviver


    Christophe Pourny’s Color Reviver is a healing solution for your favorite furniture pieces that have aged over time. Formulated specifically for me...

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  • Furniture Tonic - Valley Variety
    Furniture Tonic - Valley Variety
    Christophe Pourny

    Furniture Tonic


    Has your wood furniture lost some of its original luster? Now you can care for the furniture you love with a little help from Christophe Pourny Stu...

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