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MIST Screen Cleaner and Refill Solution Set

by AM Labs
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Have you ever really looked at your phone or tablet screen? Fingerprints and dust are just part of what’s stuck to surface. The MIST 01 + Refill Set from AM Labs offers a two-in-one, non-toxic, alcohol-free screen cleaning solution that will make using your devices a germ-free pleasure and keep them looking new at the same time. Safe for repeated and regular use, the spray-and-wipe microfiber MIST 01 is pocket sized, easily cleaned, refillable and convenient to carry in your backpack, tote or your vehicle’s glove box. You’ll want to keep one on your desk and your worktable too. 

Combo pack includes:
- Single sprayer with microfiber cloth in various colors
- 200ml Refill of screen cleaner

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