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  • Modern Home Bar

    Breezeway Rocks Glass

    4 colors available

    Time travel by design—inspired by tiles and screens often used in the breezeways of mid-century modern homes. Circles and squares, bright colors a...

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  • Davis Studio

    Coffee Cup

    15 colors available

    This Coffee Cup feels great in your hands. Whether it’s coffee or tea you’ll want to hold onto it all morning long—and return for more, later in th...

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  • Davis Studio

    Dinner Plate

    15 colors available

    Whether it’s for everyday use or a special occasion, the Dinner Plate is the perfect size for any meal. Handcrafted by Davistudio in upstate Spence...

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  • Design House Stockholm

    Knot Floor Cushion


    How does a floor cushion make you smile the way you did when you were a kid? When does that very same cushion make you think about appreciating art...

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  • Design House Stockholm

    Knot Pillow

    3 colors available

    When was the last time a pillow made you smile the way you did when you were a kid? When did that very same cushion make you think about appreciati...

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  • BlissHome

    Nadiya Hussain Tapas Bowl

    4 colors available

    The Tapas Bowl from Nadiya’s Tableware Collection for BlissHome is the bowl you often need but never have on hand. Hand-glazed and embossed with fl...

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  • Fine Lumens

    PLAT Table Lamp

    4 colors available

    The Plat Table Lamp, designed by Notion Studio for Fine Lumens, is a multifunction light source and design statement that’s perfect for your tablet...

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  • Areaware

    Poppy Candle & Incense Holder

    2 colors available

    Floral shaped, colorful and Pop inspired, the Poppy Candle & Incense Holder from AREAWARE is a unique two-in-one holder for illumination and sc...

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  • Sale

    The Metro Compact Umbrella

    Original Price $90.00
    Current Price $75.00
    7 colors available

    When the weather acts up don’t get caught off guard! Strong, stylish and well designed, the BLUNT Metro Compact collapsible umbrella provides the c...

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  • Blu Dot

    Turn Stool

    6 colors available

    The Turn Stool from Blu Dot is crafted from solid turned wood and topped with a thick-cut, felted wool pad. The cut-out side handles allow for easy...

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