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  • Around Table - Valley Variety
    Around Table - Valley Variety

    Around Table


    Around is a modern and elegant side table intended to accompany and compliment your sofas and chairs in any area of your home or office. Distincti...

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  • Clean Cut Chair - Valley Variety
    Clean Cut Chair - Valley Variety
    Blu Dot

    Clean Cut Chair

    from $295.00
    4 colors available

    Casual seating perfect for gathering around the dining room table or at your home office desk. The crisp edges and comforting curves bring the clea...

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  • Mighty Speaker - Valley Variety
    Mighty Speaker - Valley Variety
    Best Seller!
    Capture Flow

    Mighty Speaker

    11 colors available

    This incredibly small, yet powerful, bluetooth speaker is perfect for all of your portable music needs. Works great whether around the house or on...

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  • Octagon Desk Lamp - Valley Variety
    Octagon Desk Lamp - Valley Variety

    Octagon Desk Lamp

    3 colors available

    The Octagon One Desk Light combines the best of a simple and natural wood-effect finish to achieve a modern industrial aesthetic for any desk or o...

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  • Radii Bench - Valley Variety
    Radii Bench - Valley Variety

    Radii Bench

    from $1,660.00

    The Radii Bench from BENSEN’s Dining Collection is the perfect and lasting partner to the Radii Table—with the added purpose, ability and style to ...

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  • Radii Dining Table - Valley Variety
    Radii Dining Table - Valley Variety

    Radii Dining Table

    from $5,100.00

    When solid wood, impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail speak to the purity of minimalism, the result is the Radii Table from BENSEN. The...

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  • Shale Wardrobe - Valley Variety
    Shale Wardrobe - Valley Variety
    Blu Dot

    Shale Wardrobe


    Perfectly proportioned and thoughtfully designed with storage efficiency in mind, the Shale Wardrobe Cabinet from Blu Dot offers layers of simple, ...

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  • Smart Baton Light - Valley Variety
    Smart Baton Light - Valley Variety

    Smart Baton Light

    3 colors available

    The Smart Baton Light from Gingko UK is the result of design-led simplicity, function and durability coming together in one beautifully crafted pro...

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  • Spindle Bench - Valley Variety
    Spindle Bench - Valley Variety

    Spindle Bench

    from $1,159.00

    The Spindle Bench found its inspiration in traditional spinning wheels, incorporating the perfectly aligned spokes into the Spindle Bench seat back...

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  • Stilt Table Lamp - Valley Variety
    Blu Dot

    Stilt Table Lamp


    Playfully serious in a Cubist kind of way, the Stilt Table Lamp from Blu Dot artfully transforms function and form into a simply modern, easy to re...

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