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  • Bok Dining Chair - Valley Variety
    Bok Dining Chair - Valley Variety

    Bok Dining Chair

    from $879.00

    The curving lines of the Bok dining chair combine a modern mid-century look and contemporary furniture construction into an elegant and airy form. ...

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  • Ile Pouf Bench - Valley Variety
    Ile Pouf Bench - Valley Variety

    Ile Pouf Bench

    from $1,130.00

    The Ile Pouf Bench along with the Ile Pouf Round and Square designs introduce an undercut—a feature that lightens the look and provides space to m...

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  • Milk & Honey Pendant - Valley Variety
    Milk & Honey Pendant - Valley Variety

    Milk & Honey Pendant

    from $1,000.00

    Hand blown glass spun into sculptural discs make any space unique. The semi-translucent glass and organic shapes play with one another in harmony. ...

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  • Mobile Light - Valley Variety
    Mobile Light - Valley Variety
    Andrew Neyer

    Mobile Light

    from $750.00
    2 colors available

    The minimalist lines and movement of the Mobile Light is reminiscent of the modernist hanging sculptures that inspired its name. The arms attach at...

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  • Torii Stool - Valley Variety
    Torii Stool - Valley Variety

    Torii Stool

    from $910.00

     Torii is a simple yet sophisticated Bensen design available as a counter height stool, a bar stool or a dining chair. The stool is defined by its...

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