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Five Favorite Things - November 2023

Five Favorite Things - November 2023

Hello November!!!
After spending a week in Spain enjoying warm weather and fabulous wines, I arrived back in Hudson to the hints of wintry weather. While we can't stop the change of seasons, you can pick up our Five Favorite Things before you pour a glass (or two) of wine.

Blomus Ilo Wine accessory set

Uncork, pour and keep any remaining wine fresh in the bottle for next time with the 4-piece Wine Accessory Set. The set also includes a handy bottle opener.

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Audo Copenhagen Wine Breather Carafe

The shape of the Wine Breather Carafe allows red wine to aerate as it pours in—adding 10x more oxygen. Then serve and store the wine in the carafe or easily return the wine to the original bottle.

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LSA Borough Wine Glasses on table

The Borough wine glasses—made from lead-free crystalline glass—are durable enough for everyday use, while the distinctive shape bowl is an elegant addition to a formal table setting. Sold in sets of four.

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Pouring Wine into a table of wine glasses with Win-O's

With colorful Wine-O's, avoid sipping from the wrong glass or worse having to discard half full glasses of wine. Simply remember your color and you'll always know which glass is yours.

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Wine Bottle Stopper on table

Seal your opened bottle of wine with confidence. The silicone sleeve keeps the heavyweight bottle stopper firmly in place and your leftover wine ready to enjoy next time.

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