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Finding Your Perfect Design Partner

Finding Your Perfect Design Partner

So many customers come into the store excited about a piece of furniture, our U-Turn swivel chair, a table or stool but become daunted as soon as we show them the variety of fabrics and dimensions a piece of furniture comes in. Everything all of sudden becomes a haze. And I totally get it – having gone through several renovations myself. Whether you’re just updating a room or an entire house, it’s a complex task. And for some people, this is easy, they are totally confident with their design sense and love the process, but for others, they really need some help. Depending where you are on the spectrum hiring an interior designer will go from guilty pleasure to an essential worker.

Your interior designer could be one of your most important relationships. This is someone who is essentially building the flow and emotion of your space, along with the way people will interact inside your home. This space needs to feel like YOU! So it is essential to find a partner who understands the way you connect with different environments. And of course, one whose taste you relate to. We understand this can be an overwhelming task, so here are our suggestions to help you prepare. Especially if it is your first time hiring an interior designer.

  • Shop around and do your research. Look at portfolios online and consider if you could picture yourself in any of their designs. Can you see your family and friends hanging out in the space, can you see yourself relaxing and reading a book, or cooking meals in one of the kitchens they’ve designed? Do these environments make you feel like home?
  • Finding a designer is a little like dating. You will need to meet with a few different people to find your match. This is going to be a long-term relationship so there will be a lot of interactions. Make sure this is someone you can get along with, someone you feel comfortable sharing ideas with and someone who you trust to take control. Find someone who shares your communication style.

  • Present your interior designer a little piece of who you are and what makes you feel happy. This is your moment to get inspired and creative. Have fun with the process! Create vision boards, collect photos and shop around to collect ideas to share with your new design partner.

  • Budget is definitely a thing—know your budget and communicate it upfront. It’s best to do your research and know all fees and charges to expect beforehand. This will make the money talk a little easier. Be sure to figure out the payment plan in the beginning!

 A few other things to consider before getting started: Will you need to relocate until the project is complete?  Who are the other people involved in the renovation and what is their role in relation to the designer? And most importantly how to deal with unforeseen problems. Again this is where shared communication is key. Never be afraid to speak up and ask questions! This is your space.

 Otherwise enjoy the journey!


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