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Adjustable Rope Leash

Color: Grey Upcycled
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These leashes are designed with safety and comfort in mind for dogs big and small. Handcrafted in NY State, the marine-grade rope is hand-spliced with “whipped” ends (a nautical term) to withstand maximum pull from even the strongest pup! Soft to the touch, these rope leashes are extremely durable and perfect for every day use. 

Fitted with solid brass, lockable Carabiner Clips on each end and O-rings offer you options for ways to use:
Can be worn around the waist.
Create a handle loop by clipping the brass O-ring.
Walk two dogs by forming a handle with a simple center knot.

Individually numbered with a stamped metal tag, each leash reminds us how unique our best friends really are.

Leash Length: 7 feet


Leash Size (Weight - Rope Thickness)
Small (5-12lbs - 6mm)
Medium (12-50lbs - 8mm)
Large (50-100+lbs - 12mm

Hand washable. Air dry.

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