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Steelheart Stool

Cord Material

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With this slim silhouette, add a touch a modern design and comfort to your bar or kitchen island—with the Steelheart Stool.

Built on a frame made from waxed blackened steel, each stool has a hand woven seat and a lower steel foot rest. The cord is woven directly onto the steel frame in complex geometric patterns resulting in an arresting visual juxtaposition between the soft tactile cord and rigid steel frame. The woven cord contours to the body providing a sturdy, comfortable and form fitting seat.

There are a number of available patterns to mix and match various weaves within a set, as well as custom designed options.

16″L x 13″W

Seat Height
Counter: 26″
Bar: 30″

Standard Cotton Cord Colors (for indoor use only)
Solid braid cotton cord in Natural White, Beige, Black
Other colors available upon request. A dying fee will be applied.

Nylon Cord Colors (for indoor or outdoor use)
The lightweight, highly durable utility-grade paracord is available in a broad array of colors. Click here to view the colors.

Cotton cord has been treated with a stain resistant spray; periodic reapplication will maintain stain resistance. Wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum away dust. For spills or spots, blot immediately with a wet absorbent cloth or sponge. On white cord, a tide pen can be used on stronger stains. Always spot test on underside before applying to visible surface

For outdoor pieces, extra care should be taken to protect the longevity of the piece. The Nylon cord is mildew resistant, but it requires adequate air circulation to prevent mildew. Care should be taken not to store woven products in non-breathable material or damp conditions.

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

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